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How CHPA 'CANSTATS' Files Are Set-Up

Tournament results from all CHPA sanctioned tournaments are submitted to CANSTATS (national stats center) and entered into a common database from which pitchers "3-Hi" averages are calculated. Only the ringers and shoes recorded in a pitcher's 3 highest tournament averages from tournaments played in the last 12 months or last 10 tournaments, which ever comes first, are used to calculate their official "3-Hi" average. That is done by dividing the total ringers pitched in the 3 tournaments by the total shoes pitched and the result multiplied by 100 and carried 2 places past the decimal.

Canstats reports are in columns headed:

CHPA CARD NO | First & Last Names | Prov | Div | 3-Hi% | Events

The first few columns explain themselves. The DIV is left blank for 40ft Men; "W" for Women; "G" for Girls; "B" for Boys; and "30" for Elders. The final column heading, "Events" shows the number of actual tournaments pitched during the allowable time will include sanctioned leagues, if any were recorded.

How NHPA 'NATSTATS' Files Are Set-Up

Setup is basically same as for CANSTATS. "Tourn" header is used in place of "Events" for same purposes.